Jennifer Helene

is a successful, conscious entrepreneur
committed to living optimally.

About Me

Jennifer Helene

Jennifer Helene is a successful, conscious entrepreneur committed to living optimally.

She is an accredited and highly experienced professional coach and coach trainer with an exceptionally

high level of skill in working with entrepreneurial women.

Her priority is to thrive in her own life, so as to give back and contribute to humanity.

Entrepreneurial Growth




Plus-Sizemodel For FORD Models

Jennifer was a former sought after and professional plus-size
model for FORD Models, the world-class modelling agency.

She was extremely professional and was booked solid for the six years she worked for FORD.

Her modeling career transitioned into building a successful International brand in the fashion industry, with International partnerships in France, Switzerland, Germany, UAE and America.

Food as Medicine Internationally

Master’s Degree

She lived abroad for 10 years to authentically study each
unique approach to nutrition and healing cuisines.

She is not your typical ‘book-read’ nutritionist.

In 2011, she chose to take a stand for healthy, delicious
food and was featured as a cast member on Season 3
MasterChef (FOX TV) and has been featured
on multiple FOX morning shows.


Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Helene is a tenacious Yoga practitioner and one of the most senior representatives of Patanjali Yoga from The Institute of Yogic Sciences from Bern, Switzerland.

She teaches Yoga and authentic Teacher Trainings and is acutely aware of the medical benefits of the system of Yoga.

She integrates her life through her daily yoga practice. She infuses Yoga into everything she is and is becoming.

Jennifer Helene is fluent in French and German and is a fun-loving, conscious mother, yet courageous and committed to living her very best life and contributing to humanity.

Perfection in Practise, Study of the Self and Attentiveness to the Divine.

Tapas Savadhyaya Ishvarapranidhana Kriyayogah – Patanjali Yoga Sutras II.I