About Me

Jennifer Helene

The journey from the mind to the heart can be a challenging path to walk, yet it will be the most fulfilling and adventurous for you.  I work with clients who want to get the best out of their life, and nothing less.

I am a successful, conscious entrepreneur and I coach women to be at their best, and to stay healthy while performing at their best in every area of their lives.  I am sophisticated and intelligent, and choose to live a courageous life and follow my heart.  There is nothing fluffy about living a heart-centered life: it requires courage and commitment to be a strong, loving woman.  I am an accredited and highly experienced professional coach with an exceptionally high level of skill in working with entrepreneurial women.  I truly love to give my professional support to women, so they succeed, and become their absolute best in every area of their life. I choose to work to thrive in my life, so I can give back and contribute to humanity.

I am exceptionally strong at coaching women who want to be at their best in the following areas:

Entrepreneurial Growth


Relationships & Love

I was a former sought after and professional model for Ford Models, the world-class modelling agency.  I believe in being my word and professional to the best of my ability, and this I know helped me to stay booked solid for the six years I chose to work for Ford.

Later on in my career, I built a successful International brand in the fashion industry, with International partnerships in France, Switzerland, Germany, UAE and America.

I struggled with weight for many years and was bound to a wheelchair in early childhood.  So, I decided to beat these health challenges.  I spent 20+ Years, studying in-depth: Nutrition and Health.  I now academically hold a Masters Degree in Nutrition, but I have also actively studied nutrition in: Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, and America.  I lived in these countries to study authentically their unique approaches to nutrition and different cuisines.  So, I am not a ‘book-read’ nutritionist.  I chose to make a stand for healthy, delicious food and was featured on Season 3 of MasterChef (FOX TV) and have been featured on FOX morning shows.

I am the most senior representative of Patanjali Yoga from The Institute of Yogic Sciences from Bern, Switzerland and run an authentic Teacher Training in Baltimore, MD and Florida.  I use my daily yoga practice to keep integrated my Mind, Body and Spirit and I breath Yoga into every area of my life.  I am acutely aware of the medical benefits of the system of Yoga I teach to Yoga Instructors.

I am in a kind, very supportive and loving relationship with a man, that is fun, emotionally rewarding and fulfilling.  I know what is required to make a relationship work and successful, and I won’t settle for less. I am fluent in French and German, as well as my native language, English.

I am a fun-loving, conscious mother, yet courageous and committed to living my very best life and contributing to humanity.