There are many reasons why we should pay
attention to what we eat. Jennifer has spent
the last 20+ years searching for answers to
optimal health across the globe.

Food as Medicine

Searching for Answers

Jennifer has spent the last 20+ years searching for answers to optimal health across the globe. She studied food as medicine in France, Germany, Japan, India, China, Switzerland and Greece. She speaks Fluent French and German, and has spent 15 years abroad immersing herself in food is medicine from every area of the globe.

She holds an M.S. in Nutrition and has been consulting groups, companies and individuals for over a decade on how to achieve optimal health and balance through healing foods.

Jennifer spent 2 years in early childhood in a wheelchair due to health challenges. The repercussions of this would echo into her late adolescence and her ongoing medical issues were not solvable by western medicine alone. This sent her on the journey to seek answers.

Finalist on Season 3
of Masterchef

Jennifer was a finalist on Season 3 of Masterchef (FOX TV) taking
a stand for healthy food.

She also independently holds workshops, authors cookbooks, produces online programs, and presents on television to continue to raise awareness around personal choices being the determinant of our present and future health.


Jennifer has consulted on Food as Medicine for the following Institutes and Associations:

About Me

Jennifer Helene

Jennifer Helene is committed to supporting projects that move the planet towards raising awareness. Purposeful Ventures’ aim is to support companies that are using sustainable energy, that are creating sustainable products, that are providing services to help shift humanity toward behaviors that are in harmony with nature.

Our genius is in the world of natural health, media solutions and meaning. Jennifer Helene has a strong background in entrepreneurship, international business and excels at curating content for complex concepts.