A conscious entrepreneur who is interested in self reflection + expansion ready to take responsibility for your health ready for the romantic relationship you want ready to live into the best version of yourself a natural leader who keeps commitments to yourself + others poised to embrace the path to your purposeful future attracted to authentic truth that frees and has soul

All purchased coaching sessions are non-refundable and available over the phone or via Skype.

Single 60 minute session.


By Phone: $250

Perfect for you if:

You want a taste of coaching. You already have your act together and have a breakdown in one area of your life and need to gain clarity. You could use a reflection from a higher altitude to identify the context of your situations and reveal the gap of where you are and where you are going. You want space to focus on what really matters to you. You want to authentically connect with someone who will honor you and be a stand for what you are embarking on. In 60 minutes your thoughts will become clearer, and more organized, encouraging greater productivity at work and overall balance and stability in life. I’ll give you tools and strategies that are effective and the means + methods of getting where you want to go.

% pack of 60 minute sessions.


By phone: $1000

Perfect for you if:

You feel stuck in your life and are bothered. This feeling of incomplete is robbing you of needed sleep, energy and you notice it affecting your health, your relationships, your work and everything. You’ve got a story you believe and you need some time to break it down. You know you want to move forward but do not know what has been holding you back and in what direction to go. I will help you to hoan your intuition, harness your power of intentionality and map out a blueprint for the sustainable change you are seeking. We are talking complete=complete.

12 pack of 60 minute sessions.


By phone: $2000

Perfect for you if:

You want to gain clarity around your purpose, your choices and the best version of yourself. You want your decisions to stem from your authentic commitments to cultivate a healthier, more vibrant you, more success in business and fulfilling relationships. You realize something has been paralyzing you or that you are avoiding looking at your life and yourself.

I will help you to identify exactly what that “something” is and shine light on it so as to leverage what we uncover for you to emerge into your ideal self. Together, we will unveil your inner guide, practice thought innovation, release behaviors no longer serving your highest good, and focus on what makes you shine. We will co-create the the tools you need to catalyze yourself on the purposeful path and map out how to reach your goals.



“At my wedding and even a year after people were repeatedly said you are glowing. It was all the guidance I had (from Jennifer).” 

“Not just from empowerment but Jennifer is an incredibly well rounded person who knows a ton about health starting from a nutrition, to exercise, to yoga and all of these elements are to the level of absolute professionalism and excellence.”
“She is the most wonderful coach you can ever find.”



Questions? Email me at jennhelene@gmail.com to book a session.