“Your most powerful medicine is your daily routine.”
Jennifer Helene Popken

Healthy, Happy Life

After 20+ years of experience, Jennifer Helene realizes it is not enough to just focus on diet or just exercise, the whole person and integrated life is the most important factor in living a long, healthy, happy life.

Her most passionate work is in the arena of Lifestyle Medicine.

Jennifer Helene curates content both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, art directs and produces online programs for Lifestyle Medicine Protocols.

She believes the most impactful way for change to occur is through education and making changes to daily behaviors.

She has created programs with the Hippocrates Health Institute and the National Bariatric Association.

About Me

Jennifer Helene

Jennifer Helene is committed to supporting projects that move the planet towards raising awareness. Purposeful Ventures’ aim is to support companies that are using sustainable energy, that are creating sustainable products, that are providing services to help shift humanity toward behaviors that are in harmony with nature.

Our genius is in the world of natural health, media solutions and meaning.

Jennifer Helene has a strong background in entrepreneurship, international business and excels at curating content for complex concepts.