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Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

Healthy smoothies help you not only lose weight fast, but pack in much needed nutrients as well. This addition to your food routine is better than a diet plan because they keep you fuller, longer and you control exactly what goes in them for the best combination for your needs and body

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We’ve all been there before.  The first day of warmer weather, you pull out shorts or shorter sleeves.  It’s then you realize how light your skin turned over the winter, bundled up in sweaters and wool.  Maybe you see a few new dimples in your arm, thighs, or butt. Or

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Tomato Love
Fresh Ingredients

We are in tomato season, so now is the perfect time to enjoy fresh, organic, ripe tomatoes, but so many people don’t know this and often opt for canned and not fresh tomatoes. Before we get into the differences between the two, let’s briefly touch on the health benefits of

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Benefits of Raw Butter
Fresh Ingredients

“Butter is the queen of fats, especially when it comes from grass-fed cows.” Sally Fallon Morell – The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care   A lot of people may think that a healthy diet means limiting your saturated fat and cholesterol, especially when it was proposed decades

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Raw Chocolate for Breakfast

Raw Chocolate for Breakfast Raw Chocolate is the premier longevity superfood. What do I mean when I say superfood? It is a food with twelve or more attributes that contribute to extraordinary health. As I was earning my Master’s degree in nutrition, I was learning about the wonders of this

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Fenugreek Sprouts

I love to grow Fenugreek Sprouts in my kitchen. It is rewarding to see seeds sprout and grow and then to consume them. It is equally fun for my daughter to witness and participate in the process of growing food. One of my most favorite sprouts is Fenugreek. It smells like

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Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad Just whipped this up and it was a keeper thought to share. It’s so festive this time of year to use red quinoa found easily at most health food stores. This is a great side or main dish. Simply delish. Just whipped this up and it was a

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Tips on Making Healthy Choices

Check out this video I made for Harbor East in Baltimore, MD with Shine Creative ( all about Tips on Making Healthy Choices. When they requested my input, I reviewed all the menus and saw where it looked safe for my healthy choices was in the side dishes. There were

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