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What Can You do With an Hour? My life is incredibly full and often I only have an hour to spare here and there. What can you do in an hour? SO MUCH. I have realized that on the path of optimal health and ways of being, possibility can be

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“What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.” I love this statement as a reminder that mindfulness is a practice with no end. The Institute for Integrative Health and I are conspiring toward YOUR greatness! We have intentionally designed a group for you

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Fresh Ingredients

Hopefully it’s become easier for you to eat fresh, delicious leafy greens than it was as a kid. Or maybe you were ahead of your time and enjoyed it as a child! The benefits of the dark green family are endless.  Spring is the perfect time to begin adding color

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3 Week Detox

Look at your life and health differently. Trust that you can do it! Join Kendell Reichhart of Natural Vibrant Health and I for a 3-week Spring Detox starting on March 31st We are super excited to include you and offer a detox experience this spring.  Detoxing is a great way of making

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9 Day Cleanse

9 day cleanse…New Year New You! Begin the New Year by loving yourself into the best possible version of yourself. Kendell Reichhart and I will be guiding you through a safe, effective cleanse this New Year with tasty, highly nutritious food to take you and your health to the next

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Raw Berry Cobbler

Here is a special treat that I love to make when berries are in season. There are raspberry bushes lining my property here in MD. The ripe red flecks in juxtaposed against the green forest is exciting indeed. It inspires me to create. This is a fun treat that is

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Celery Root Super Healthy and Delish
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At the market this week you may have seen celery root. As odd as it might look and unusual for Americans, it is full of stellar nutrients and aroma. I love to use this root to flavor soups, raw in salads and steamed and pureed as an addition to holiday

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Mushroom Magic

I love mushrooms. They are magical. In every way, mushroom magicamaze me. They are known for their medicinal properties throughout the world for centuries. I am experimenting with cultivating my own medicinal mushrooms in logs here in the county of Baltimore. In the mean time, I am reliant on the

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