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“What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.” I love this statement as a reminder that mindfulness is a practice with no end. The Institute for Integrative Health and I are conspiring toward YOUR greatness! We have intentionally designed a group for you

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Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

Healthy smoothies help you not only lose weight fast, but pack in much needed nutrients as well. This addition to your food routine is better than a diet plan because they keep you fuller, longer and you control exactly what goes in them for the best combination for your needs and body

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Transform Your Life. Discover Your Heart’s Desire. Be Joy. Unveil Your Strength. Helene Leeds is a transformational Ontological Life Coach specializing in health 20 years of experience helping people on a heart centered path to lose weight joyfully, age more gracefully, reduce stress, heal through food and achieve their optimal

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Winter Squash Guide and Raw Soup Recipe

This time of year I love to stock up on my favorite types of squash red kuri and hubbard squash. In Maryland, year round, you can find butternut squash, acorn and spaghetti but the red kuri seem to disappear after November and they will last a few months if you

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Black Seed Oil
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In Asia black seeds oil have been used for centuries for healing. I have been reading and researching the uses of black seed oil and have been amazed about the benefits of this oil on the hair, skin and internally. I have been experimenting with black seed oil in my

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Sides and Bites Cookbook
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Here it is folks. A recent compilation of recipes from moi. I have a few gems in this one such a the famous Swiss recipe Creme de Budwig, a stellar breakfast and snack as well as a few dips that turn any vegetable into a religious experience. I began this

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Irish Moss
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Irish Moss is a food that I love to add to my raw desserts for its health giving benefits as well as it’s texture saving attributes. It is in many raw, vegan desserts and, for many, is a deal breaker when it comes to using it in a recipe. It

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Miron Glass Packaged Oils
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My passion for miron glass does not stand alone. I recently found that Foods Alive is packaging their oils in MIRON glass. This is by far one of the most intelligent things I have seen in the food industry. From my previous article we know that miron glass protects from

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