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Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

Healthy smoothies help you not only lose weight fast, but pack in much needed nutrients as well. This addition to your food routine is better than a diet plan because they keep you fuller, longer and you control exactly what goes in them for the best combination for your needs and body

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Raw Chocolate for Breakfast

Raw Chocolate for Breakfast Raw Chocolate is the premier longevity superfood. What do I mean when I say superfood? It is a food with twelve or more attributes that contribute to extraordinary health. As I was earning my Master’s degree in nutrition, I was learning about the wonders of this

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Camu Camu
Products I Love

I started using camu camu after hearing Truth Calkins speak about the medicinal properties of this powerful fruit and its potent vitmain C content. Camu camu berry has the highest food sourced concentration of vitamin C on earth. Camu camu can be found in the Peruvian Amazon and is considered

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Aloe Vera
Fresh Ingredients

Aloe Vera is a plant almost everyone knows. It is by far my most favorite longevity superfood! It is an amazingly medicinal plant, which enhances beauty, longevity and overall health. I have been using aloe vera longer than any other super food. My family has always had a plant growing

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Superfood Cereal

When I awake in the morning I am usually not hungry but thirsty. So, I drink a ton of live spring water. Sometimes room temperature and sometimes warm with a bit of lemon. That is definitely the priority in the morning for me. When hunger strikes, which is usually around

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