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Friends, Happy New Year! I know I have been out of touch but it is for a very good reason. I love working with individuals and groups, coaching, teaching and instigating transformation, but what really fuels my heart is making a difference with thousands and thousands of people. I have

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Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

Healthy smoothies help you not only lose weight fast, but pack in much needed nutrients as well. This addition to your food routine is better than a diet plan because they keep you fuller, longer and you control exactly what goes in them for the best combination for your needs and body

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Raw Vegan Cheesecake White Chocolate Raspberry

Today is National Cheesecake Day, I was told by All Things Edible. Ironically, the day I had my interview with them, I had just made a white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake for an open house I was invited to, and it was by far one of my best. I became inspired

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Miron Glass
Products I Love

Living in Switzerland for ten years, it was common to see violet blue glass in the apothecaries around town. Beautiful as it is, there is a reason for it. The Swiss are meticulous for finding the optimal way to do everything. That may indeed be the reason they have mental

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Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad Just whipped this up and it was a keeper thought to share. It’s so festive this time of year to use red quinoa found easily at most health food stores. This is a great side or main dish. Simply delish. Just whipped this up and it was a

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Winter Squash Guide and Raw Soup Recipe

This time of year I love to stock up on my favorite types of squash red kuri and hubbard squash. In Maryland, year round, you can find butternut squash, acorn and spaghetti but the red kuri seem to disappear after November and they will last a few months if you

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Lucuma Nog Variation from Helene's Kitchen
Words To Live By

I just made the Lucuma Nog Variation from Helene’s Kitchen holiday e-book and decided to vary some of the ingredients and I love this slightly lighter version. This nog and the other recipes in the book are great ideas for those of you looking for healthier versions this holiday session.

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Chai Tea Reinvented

Memories of my days with Hasumati Patel in Switzerland and India come reeling back today. After the death of my mother 8 years ago, Hasumati became a mother to me and a grandmother to my daughter. Hasumati taught me about Aruyvedic medicine and the dance of Indian spices. To her

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