Yoga Teacher Training


Private and Group Instruction

Jennifer Helene is the U.S. Representative for The Institute of Yogic Sciences in Bern, Switzerland and Patanjali Yoga and offers advanced studies for teachers and practitioners in the form of classes, private instruction and teacher trainings.

Helene meets her students where they are and has extensive experience with Yoga therapy, professional athletes and students genuinely interested in the science and study of the vast body of knowledge contained within the subject of Yoga. Helene teaches in Baltimore and West Palm Beach. She is also available for sessions anywhere in the world through Skype. Book a virtual session through Skype.

Helene has traveled all over the world to study Yoga and is intimately committed to the study and practice of Yoga. For more information on 2015/2016 teacher training dates and location please visit and for more information about the International Programs please visit

Jennifer Helene has practiced Yoga for the past 20 years and her keenly trained eye is part of the art of Yoga Jennifer Helene embodies.

The discovery began in New York City and extended to Bern, Switzerland where she apprenticed for fifteen years with Patanjali Yoga Creators, Ali Dashti and Kate Beck.


“Perfection in Practise, Study of the Self and Attentiveness to the Divine.”
— Tapas Savadhyaya Ishvarapranidhana Kriyayogah -Patanjali Yoga Sutras II.I
“Surrender to God brings perfection in Samadhi”
— Isvarapranidhana -Patanjali Yoga Sutras II.45