I’m here to help you develop the foundation you need for sustainable change…

and transform into the amazing woman you were born to be.

Do you believe in divine timing? – I do.

And I believe that everything I’ve done in life has led me here.

Here to this place and space where I am fully equipped and capable to support other strong women…

Incredible and ambitious women like you who never let up.

Does any of this sound 


  • You’re an obsessive learner and your quest for knowledge is never satisfied.

  • You desire to deeply impact humanity and leave a legacy that rivals Michelle Obama.

  • Your firm, but loyal love and kindness is like a lioness protecting her young from hungry prey.

  • People seek you out as their natural leader even though you didn’t ask for it.

Nothing can stop you. You’re confident and self-assured and that’s what makes you so unique.

It’s also what draws me to you. You stand out in a crowd… you speak your mind and go after what you want.

I recognize you from across the room.

It’s you who will make the loudest noise and instigate the biggest change.

And I want to be there when that happens.

You’re so close. You already do so much. But all the doing hasn’t left enough room for being.

That’s where I come in. My desire to see you lead and shine brighter than you ever thought possible is why I’m here.

It’s your destiny to create a ripple effect of change in those around you. No, you’ll force those flood gates wide open and demand change!

And it’s my destiny to impact one heart at a time. To lead you towards permanent freedom…

… through health and wellness. Because health is the most valuable currency we have.

Without it, nothing about our lives can work.

The key to achieving optimal health is the combination of:

  • Fine-tuning nutrition
  • Embodiment practices like yoga and sports; and
  • Mindset training

Focusing on only one of these pillars isn’t sufficient to achieve your full potential.
We must work through all three.

But you know that… and you’re willing to do the hard work to be your healthiest self.

You won’t settle for mediocrity. And I won’t let you.

You’ve got too much to offer the world.

And when you operate from a place of being… of knowing and living your truth, you can accomplish so much more.

The freedom from achieving is liberating. I promise you that.

Your connections with others will grow deeper and more authentic.

Your inner dialogue will be more kind and accepting.

And your loving-kindness for yourself will free up energy and make you even more impactful, successful and productive.


“As I worked with Jennifer Helene, my life dramatically changed for the better. Her combination of wise words for the heart and wisdom for the body was a perfect combination to elevate me above the stressful professional lifestyle, that while at once so very rewarding, was also exhausting physically, mentally and in every other way. I have found that our work together is absolutely essential for me to live my best life.”

-Frances J. Northington, MD

How do I know all this?

I know health.

I’ve studied the mind-body connection for more than 24 years. I’ve healed myself and I’ve helped countless others heal from pain and suffering.

My health issues started when I was a child. I attended my first Weight Watchers meetings at just 5 years old and was told I’d be bound to a wheelchair at age 7.

But I refused to be sick. So I healed myself.

And I went on to become a world-class vegan chef with a master’s in nutrition (I’ve appeared on Fox TV and have created methodologies to support lifestyle changes for many large organizations), learn several languages fluently, develop my compassion for others…

… study yoga and emerge as a top student in the Indian practice of Iyengars.

I’ve run health programs for 20+ years. I’ve been a FORD model, a wife, and a mentor to top health coaches and doctors around the globe.

I’ve traveled most of the world… and most notably, I’m an awesome mom.

 Am I passionate about health? Heck, yeah!

I’ve lived it and watched it. Its powers are monumental.

There’s no denying how your health affects your entire being.

And it’s why I want this for you. I selfishly desire to be your agent of change…

Because I know I can be the catalyst to help you get more of what you want in life.

And with my help, you can focus on transforming into more of the woman you know is waiting to be released, unapologetically. She’s inside of you, begging to come out!

If you’re ready… I mean really ready, book a call with me.

Like you, I don’t accept mediocrity, excuses or whining. And I won’t hold your hand, but I’ll be there for you every step of the way…

Guiding you and championing for you. You deserve it.

 Book A Call Now – and transform your life for good!