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Who are you?

What is your vision for your life, health, and career? We will explore the intricates of your life. Not the stories you have made up about why you are a victim of your circumstances, but what is, what will be, why and how. We will create a life plan after our radical honesty session.


Where does the Rubber Meet the Road?

Integration is essential for the work to stick. Without it, the plan you create remains intellectual and on the surface. Integration occurs when you continue the work and unveil the frameworks within which you are existing so as to live into the life you envision for yourself.


Do you choose Sustainable Freedom?

The upside of getting back on track is refining your track, then becoming your track.
Becoming is the art and science of living in alignment with your most authentic self, learning to set healthy, loving boundaries, taking exquisite care of yourself, and living in alignment with your values.

How it Works


In this session, we will get it all out on the table. We will work on your purpose, identify your values and create your vision for your life. We will work for 3-hours via Zoom.


After our 3-hour radical honesty session, it is time to put your plans into action. The weekly 60-minute sessions identify the subtle ways you are sabotaging your success, closely examine your commitments, awareness raising practice areas, reading/writing exercises, accountability systems, and establishing the foothold for sustainable change as you Assimilate, Integrate, and Become the person you were born to be.

About Jennifer Helene

Along her quest toward optimal health, Jennifer Helene gleaned that there was more to health than exercise and diet. Her journey started at what to eat and how to exercise, and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge resides in the depths of nature, and the mind/body connection. As a mother, a former Ford Model, a sick child (bound to a wheelchair), a finalist on MasterChef, divorced and a devoted Yoga practitioner; she knows first-hand what it is like to be off track and the unequivocal freedom being on track delivers.