Hi, I’m Jennifer

I help strong, powerful women get in touch with their soul’s purpose through their health.

Because I believe when your life is in full alignment you can make responsible decisions for your health, our planet and your work.

I’m here to uplift you as you transform into the impactful woman you are!


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Let’s cut straight through the word clutter…

Because you’re a busy, ambitious go-getter who doesn’t have the time or patience for ambiguity.

But I want you to know, I see you out there smashing goals on the regular.
The ceiling is unlimited in your world

Your poised sense of self and kind yet firm ways are  a beautiful  thing to observe

While other women may lack courage and direction in life, you know exactly what you want…

And you’re unapologetic about it.

And even though you’ve accomplished more than most women you know — there’s a persistent flutter in your heart, gut and head that reminds you something is still missing.
It’s intuitive and you know it’s there.

I’m not suggesting your life is lacking purpose… it’s not.

You live with purpose


And have clear goals
For all areas of your life

It’s true that your achievements define you.
It’s why you put your heart and soul into them.

But what if your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being isn’t something you can simply check off on a list of accomplishments?

What if it’s something you need to slow down for? To feel healthy in your body so you can show up more fully and soar to the sky and dance with the stars.

What If?

What if I told you you could achieve a sense of emotional and spiritual freedom you didn’t even know existed?

Listen, you’re a power-house of a woman. Excuses aren’t a word in your vocabulary. And you operate at a level most can’t comprehend.

But, imagine if you could simply be without having to constantly achieve.

I don’t mean suppress your ambition or hide who you are.

I mean, what if you were supported to become even more of the bad-ass woman you are. To fully own your power and have an even greater impact on humanity.

You’re courageous

and I love that.

And it’s why
I want to champion you to:

  • Experience more Aha! moments than you can count
  • Get real about your emotions and release any lingering pain
  • Resolve all the innner conflict that keeps you awake at night
  • Find a partner who is your equal
  • Watch as chronic pain slips from your body
  • Become mentally and physically stronger and healthier
  • Experience increased energy that will help you breeze through your days
  • Gain clarity of mind
  • Crave and fuel your body with healthy and vibrant foods
  • Enjoy a deeper sense of self

I’m here for you

To see and hold unwavering space for you to achieve your highest and best self.

I stand for you

If you’re ready to take a stand for your own life, there are three ways I can help you…

Choose the right option for you below


If you prefer the pace of self-study or are on a tighter budget, this is the perfect option for you

2 Shine

This 21-day group course opens up 4 times per year and is the best choice if you prefer in-person instruction.

3 Glow

You prefer to work one on one to become your best self

“You helped me to get real about my emotions and feel my feelings. Because of this, I have released so much pain and trauma. The healing and transformations that I have completed are priceless. For the first time in my life, I actually want to be fully grounded and anchored into my body. For the first time, I effortlessly crave and desire to fuel my body with healthy and vibrant foods. The patterns have been broken, and the inner conflicts has been resolved. This is truly a miracle and an answered prayer that I did not believe would ever be possible.”