Relationship Coaching

Are you functional and fulfilled in your relationships?
Answer These Questions
  • Do you want a meaningful relationship, one that deepens and leads to improvement in other relationships and the quality of your life?
  • Are you shutting down or trapped in a relationship? Considering or getting a divorce?
  • Do you need help navigating the challenges of intimacy with our partners, spouses and significant others?
  • Are you divorced and are working on restoring your relationship with yourself, your life, and your identity?
  • Are you looking for a relationship, and are struggling to find someone or decide who is the right one?

If any of the above apply to you, I can help.

Relationships are at the core of our evolution as human beings and our identity. I specialize in helping guide women through a profound personal process with methodologies of realization and actualization. You will find the path that aligns with your purpose – your core values, priorities, and goals for yourself and your relationships.

There are many unresolved issues that lie at the foundation of our relationship challenges, conflicts and problems, and that is why your work on yourself is invaluable.

Relationships reveal the work we need to do on ourselves. Working with a coach helps us to pay attention to and understand the conflict; while learning new ways to move through the confrontation and fear that poisons relationships. I help women discover the recipe for longevity whether you are looking for a relationship, are in a relationship, are ending a relationship, or have ended a relationship.

Our Work

Our work revolves around 60-minute Zoom sessions where we explore issues and get radically honest, recommit to new habits and ways of being, and learn to let go of sabotaging patterns.

Following each call, action plans include the design of practice areas and follow up check-ins. Our work will have vitality, velocity and intensity. It will also be transformational and life changing.

After 25-years of research on health, nutrition, and ontology, I have a skill set that gets to the root of your issues and helps you to move through them towards reclaiming your birthright of freedom.

I have helped countless women find their way to the light, live purposeful lives, maintain or find the partner of their dreams, and experience themselves as whole once again.

After working with Helene, I decided to stay in my marriage. We now have a much deeper connection, more fun, and abundant health. I thought he was the one who needed to change,
and what I realized is that I needed to do some soul searching. When I changed, everything changed.


Working with Helene was intense. I won’t sugar coat it, because she doesn’t. She kicked my ass into gear so powerfully that my entire life was turned inside out. I decided to reinvent myself after my divoice, and the person I have become not only shocks me but is noticed by all those around me. I have Helene to thank for showing me the way back to myself, my health, my vitality, my love, and my purpose.


With every unlikely circumstance (60-hour work weeks, physical handicap, and not picture perfect), I found the husband of my dreams and we are literally living happily ever after 8-years later. Helene helped me to realize what was the most important to me, what was “non negotiable,” as she says, and what I needed to let go of to invite this amazing man into my life.


Helene is a force. She summoned my courage to take a closer look at how I was a victim of my life and changed the way I see my relationship. We still have issues, but they are part of the fabric. We decided to stay together, and our time together is much more pleasant. I still have a lot of work to do, but Helene made a profound impact on me and my relationship with my husband.


My eyes opened to so many areas of my life that were lifeless while working the Helene. I did not have a purpose, I did not have joy, and I was a grumpy, angry person. She almost fired me as her client – I was so negative! It took me a while to turn myself around, but eventually I let go of all the baggage I was carrying around. She educated me on my health, she got me back on track with my body, she helped me to get my head screwed back on the right way, and now I can see clearly how my life turned out the way it did. I almost lost everything; my husband, my home, everything I built over the years, but I didn’t. Thanks to Helene, my family is still in tact and we are happier and healthier than ever.


Choose a plan that’s right for you.

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