Revitalize your Life, Business, and Self Masterclass With Jennifer-Helene

How to take radical responsibility for your life and business to be wildly successful without compromising your health or lifestyle.


“Design a life and business that feeds your souland catapults your business.”

Presented by J. Helene Popken, M.S.

Health Expert, Global Entrepreneur, Visionary, Thought Leader

In this free masterclass , you will learn:


The Framework of “Emotional Stamina” and how to implement it directly in your life to seal up power leaks and give you more stable energy.

Secrets on how to maintain the vigilance you need to stay on it with joy, abundance, and fun.

How to distill and clarify your vision, intention, and align with your own integrity to bring more meaning and connection with self and others.

How to target your inner conflicts and resolve them while breaking predictable patterns to unleash your potential in life and in business bringing more balance and peace.


A Note from Jennifer Helene

Delighted you are here. I am here to open the pathway inside of the dimensions of you so that you can make an even larger impact, AND be a model of health on the path to success.

Understanding that your success has just as much to do with your way of being as it does what you are doing is a key element to the grace and ease available to you on your path to success. Being a Mom and an entrepreneur can coexist in harmony, you can have it all without sacrificing, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and bound. I am here to change that story with you.

Experiencing a fulfilling life with more efficiency, more intimacy, more success and more impact is the most important example you can set for your children and the world. When you take this Masterclass and work with me, you will reinstill your confidence, be able to receive and give love more abundantly, end the overwhelm, and free yourself of regret.

I have done the work for you so you can streamline, and I am an expert on how to guide you to the freedom and balance I know is available for you. In this masterclass, I am going to break it down for you, get right to the point, save you a ton of time, and teach you how to make your business and life more abundant, impactful, and successful so you can stop draining your energy and refocus.

I’m going to show you how to authentically become more of who you are, unapologetically.

See you in there!


Jennifer Helene

My work with Jennifer Helene was deep and meaningful from our first session together. She created a space for me to be authentic, committed and play as big a game as possible. She comes to our conversations with deep knowledge, a profound ability to listen, and support the creation of new insights, understanding the gap of where I look and need to go. She helps me stay accountable as we move forward in seeing me and my narratives in a new way. A way that moves me forward. Our conversions are intimate, at times risky, but always loving and forwarding. They help me as a mother, as an entrepreneur and in my relationship. Working with Jennifer Helene always creates results that are whole and powerful. I recommend working with her with all my heart as I know the difference she creates.

Dania Sander

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